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Katherine Hill Photography

These two wonderful people are getting married! Congratulations to Hallie & David, longtime friends of mine. We endured a bit of mud in St Paul, but enjoyed finding a few essentially Minnesotan spots for these shots.

Hallie & David will tie the knot next spring. Not pictured is Oliver the cat, who is very important. 

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Daily life in retail has reinforced this fact: we Minnesotans don’t mind chatting about our crazy weather. This winter was bitter, cold, and glorious. Something about that cold has always created great adventure. 

The hardest part of perfect days like these is keeping your toes from complaining too loudly. The best parts are the crisp whites, the sharp shadows and the blinding snow. (Also, as always, good company and a warm car.)

There’s a reason I live and love Minnesota winters. 

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Adventures in downtown Minneapolis have begun. For all of our creepings and crawlings between the two cities, downtown Minneapolis remains somewhat an enigma. Starting with parking ramps and moving from there, the goal is to upgrade the ‘urban’ in ‘urban landscape.’

Oh, and have a bit of fun along the way.

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I’m considering a reorganization of KHP.com. In all the thinking and diagramming involved in that process, I realized that this blog is missing a crucial few pieces. It shows a chronological story from when I started the blog, but very little of the earlier stuff that got me to start the blog in the first place.

The evening, the nooks, the crannies and the adventure: that’s what pulled me straight into this ridiculous hobby of mine. Granted, that’s a lot of what’s keeping me here and a lot of what is still coming down the lines, but these are the photos from 2009-2011 where everything really started. We could call this the MH era.

I affectionately call this collection ‘A Manifesto of Place’ and this is only a small piece of it. More to come, as always. I’m less wordy than usual.

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I should really be better about following through on crazy photo ideas up north. Nothing about this was nuts, but everything about it was fun. More adventure, more shadows, more flash work is coming.

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